Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Question of Ethics

It was brought to my attention that a member of the-pound.blogspot reported Loretta Serrano to the Ohio Department of Insurance. The Pound is a weblog that was originally designed as a place where one could speak their mind freely without being banned, having their remarks deleted, or personal information publicized. What was once an admirable policy has steadily deteriorated into a broken, discordant, inappropriate tenor.

For the record, this blogger does NOT endorse madisonmutt’s actions or attempt to fathom her rationale. By crossing the line into real life, without provocation, madisonmutt has validated Loretta Serrano’s history relative to the indiscriminate invasion of people’s private lives including contentious reporting practices. Madisonmutt claims her intent was a noble gesture, but in reality the reporter has been pushing the envelope since her announcement (under a fictitious nic) calling attention to Loretta’s newly acquired license.

“Well, well, well. Lori Marie Serrano is it? (snip) Licence [sic] number is xxxxxx and was activated 10/20/2006. And is active in Accident and Health, Variable Annuities and Life insurance lines.”
anony4now 11.06.06 - 6:39 pm

“So, Loretta/Lori. How did you answer this question on your insurance application? Yes or No” (snip) ~anony4now 11.09.06 - 7:54 pm

“Or how about this one? Assumed Business Name/Trade Name
In the Assumed Business Name/Trade Name section, enter all individual or company aliases you have used or are currently using. Individual Aliases refer to other names by which you have been known, such as maiden names or other personal aliases.”
anony4now 11.09.06 - 7:56 pm

”Okay just walked yourself into another job problem. Want to go higher? ~Baby Girl 11.10.06 - 10:07 pm”
“No offense, Baby Girl, but isn't this akin to threatening her and her livelyhood? The means by which she supports her children? I'm outa here! Don't worry about the door hitting me in the ass. Can't we just give peace a chance?” ~John Lenon 11.10.06 - 10:24 pm

“She's not done yet. She has an entry to delete or postings to edit to remove all links which locate my personal information as well as that of my ex-husband, etc. Finish the job, please, Loretta.”
madisonmutt 11.12.06 - 6:09 pm

“Gonna see a lot of me, Shippy. Until a certain link is removed. Otherwise there will be a personal contact with a certain employer out of an ethical obligation for the way personal information is gathered and used. I think it's great that she took down the blogs, but she needs to finish the job.”
madisonmutt 11.12.06 - 11:31 pm

Interesting slant on "ethical obligation" used in the context of the pursuit of vengeance or retribution.

“I don't even care about the hypocritical mutts... it's the link that provides info about my ex that needs to be removed. I have nothing to hide - I've already said that. My ex never had a dog in this fight and doesn't deserve to have his information continued to be linked by her.”
madisonmutt 11.12.06 - 11:44 pm

“You're right, the link is different. However, the new and improved, above reproach, and extremely ethical licensed insurance professional will I'm sure remove the link anyway. I'm sure she values personal information and relizes [sic] that it crosses the line of professionalism.”
madisonmutt 11.13.06 - 12:00 am

“And yes, I can say the link is different because she had to provide instructions on how to use it previously. Instead now it's prefilled with my name and birthday, etc.” ~madisonmutt 11.13.06 - 12:01 am

“ I know you don't like to delete posts, Baby Girl, but do we have to have 2 of those nasty 1:00 am posts? Can we get rid of one of them? Sheesh. ~Anonymous 11.13.06 - 1:47 am”
“No problem, Anonymous. We are going to delete all the nasty posts. Let this be a warning! There will be a zero tolerance policy at this site for attacks against our regular posters. AOL users will have their nasty remarks deleted. Enough is enough! Madison, allow me to apologize on behalf of the staff for this outrageous display. The deletion process is underway.” ~Lola 11.13.06 - 1:57 am

“They were mad because I made someone delete a link on her blog. And was quite adamant about it. And yes, I even threatened and would have followed through. Oh well... if someone has a problem with me, I'm not hard to find. ppfffttt. In the meantime the same strong shoulders that keep me from tipping have arms connected for hugging friends. ((((Word, Bumpy, DJ, Admin, BG, Lola, Mabel, and the rest of ya'll))))” ~madisonmutt 11.13.06 - 8:55 am

“And for the record, Vero. Madison is quite satisfied that a certain link was removed.” ~madisonmutt 11.13.06 - 10:20 am

“I just have one question for the one who will not be mentioned: Did you legally change your name or are you violating Ohio licensing laws? Don't come here and threaten unless every one of your ducks is in a row. Otherwise, have a nice day.” ~anony4now 11.18.06 - 1:15 pm

“She hasn't made any effort to remove those (Usenet) posts and she obviously has no intention of doing so. To whomever has the information on her insurance license number and fictitious name, I'd appreciate it if you would share that information with me. Thanks.”
Ntegrity 11.20.06 - 11:18 am

“Ntegrity, the information you are referring to is all public record with the Ohio Department of Insurance and available online.”
anony4now 11.20.06 - 11:49 am

“The ODI is only able to take action on violations of insurance law or codes, and therefore complaints of conduct which may be reprehensible but for which no law violation has been charged or convicted will be a futile effort. However, if anyone has proof that she has not legally changed her name, they are certainly able to file a complaint about using a fictious [sic] name since it is a requirement per ODI that a person's full legal name must appear on their insurance license. ODI will act on that and can result in the loss of license, suspension of license and or fines as per ODI insurance codes.”
madisonmutt 11.22.06 - 2:00 pm

“And for the record, I advocate only those who have PROOF she is violating INSURANCE LAWS to register a complaint. If you're not sure, feel free to email me - admin is more than welcome to hook any known pup up with my email address. Sending in complaints about her being a fucktard won't accomplish anything and therefore it is not recommended or endorsed by this mutt.”
madisonmutt 11.22.06 - 3:00 pm

“Anony... you're funny. No, really, you are. It's just too bad you have no clue. It's actually more like this:

Dear ODI. My name is Dxxxx and I'm the father to a child who's mother is Lxxxxxx. She has presented herself to the Ohio Department of Insurance as Lxxx and has been issued an insurance license in that name, however, I have reasonable cause to believe she is using a name other than her own legal name. She has not notified myself or the family court of any name change, nor have we found record of any petition for legal name changed posted in any of the legally required places. In fact, my child support payments continue to be made out to Lxxxxxx. I therefore also have reason to believe that she may have failed to disclose a conviction for misdemeanor assult [sic] in .......

OK, so it's all hypothetical in how it would actually be worded, but it could be done - by those with the appropriate proofs.”
madisonmutt 11.22.06 - 3:21 pm

“What part of "It's Not A Fictitous Name" do you people need repeated? If Madison Mutt really knows about getting licensed, she knows that several forms of ID are required to take the exam, several background checks are performed, and everything has to match. There is nothing FICTITOUS about using an abbreviated first name - no more fictitous than using "Bob" for "Robert." Get A Freaking Grip!!!”
Anonymous 11.22.06 - 3:29 pm

“Per ODI (and if you need proof it can be provided) A person is required to use a full legal name, and not an abbreviation or nickname, on an insurance license. I know more than you give me credit for, anony.”
madisonmutt 11.22.06 - 3:43 pm

“And ya know what?? If she has changed her name legally she has NADA to worry about now, does she? If she hasn't changed it, as I've already said a number of times, persons with PROOF she has not have a right to file a complaint.” ~madisonmutt 11.22.06 - 3:46 pm

“BTW, there is no "IF" maddy knows what she's talking about. This is one time that you can bet your ass that I'm right. Not only am I anal retentive enough to make sure that I know and follow the laws concerning my job, I have dealt with licensing procedures on behalf of myself, my spouse and other family members in multiple states and for multiple licenses.” ~madisonmutt 11.22.06 - 3:54 pm

Still pushing two months later:

“Shina, admin plus a few should be able to fix you up with contact info for me. Please do let me share with you at least 1, perhaps several, tips with which to legally and painlessly deal with Lori Serrano. No cops or lawyers required, no hitmen... she'll just wish you had gone that route instead." ~anony4damoment 01.29.07 - 11:23 am

“In response to my request for you to puhleeze MaddyMutt has decided to contact the Ohio dept of insurance and report that my license has an abbreviated name on it.”
loretta 07.23.07 - 10:15 am

”Your name is the very first thing about you a potential customer learns. If you can't be honest about that, then why the heck should anyone believe you're going to be honest about anything else? Because you say you are?” ~madisonmutt 07.23.07 - 12:16 pm
(anony4now, anony4damoment, OneOfAKindBitch, JAPOP)

“If you want to take issue with me, then you take issue with me but THESE PEOPLE HERE had nothing to do with you being reported. And I purposely told them nothing until I had been contacted by ODI several times. They deserved the courtesy of knowing that a "there she blows" moment was likely and why."
madisonmutt 07.23.07 - 12:16 pm

“You ask what I want accomplished. Here's what I want accomplished: I want your full legal name on your license - just like the rest of us who hold one. I want you to be held accountable to the rules and regulations you agreed to when you signed your license application.”
madisonmutt 07.23.07 - 12:16 pm

Quote from MadisonMutt on June 19, 2007:
"I will concede it is not my business what name you go by. I will tell you I was advised that I should bring the name thing to the attention of ODI (as one of ethics, not revenge). I have opted NOT to do anything with ODI because if it hadn't been for the blog war crap, I wouldn't have even given it any thought. So I am sincere when I say, I'm not going to do or say anything about it."
"Hmmm. So what happened between June 19 and a couple of weeks ago when you filed some kind of complaint or report? Sure, I heard from them. I wasn't worried. Your "ethical dilemma" forced you to go back on your word not once, but twice? Ironic that your newfound "ethics" (having been in the industry HOW long already?) trumped your word. I don't think anyone should ever believe another thing you say.

Meanwhile, the Lori/Loretta issue was easily resolved, easily documented, easily demonstrated that it was merely a clerical error and not some devious scheme to do business in some unethical way.

Sorry 'bout yer luck, Maddy. Were you hoping I'd lose my license and thus my job and be on the street? Lose all my upcoming and future commissions? Lose my reputation as it were? Lose my home and have to live in a box or what?” ~loretta 07.31.07 - 10:07 am

“The FACT that I decided to step up and do the right thing was not unethical, it just pissed you off. Indeed, by not reporting you I was not being true to the ethics I profess to follow and I corrected myself.” ~~madisonmutt 07.31.07 - 10:54 am

“The FACT remains that we're all accountable for what we become in life and can blame no one but ourselves for our failures and short comings. There is a way to accomplish any good goal in life if you're willing to work hard for it. So have a good life. I've done what was required of me and feel as though I can close this book in good conscience, knowing that regardless of what you or anyone else want to think, it was the right thing to do… ” ~madisonmutt 07.31.07 - 10:54 am

Country: United States - Region: Illinois - City: Northbrook
ISP: Allstate Insurance Company
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Visit Length Multiple visits spread over more than one

7th August 2007 - 04:55:07 PM

10th August 2007 - 09:03:06 AM

Country: United States - Region: Illinois - City: Northbrook
ISP: Allstate Insurance Company
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Visit Length 30 mins 32 secs

10th August 2007 - 09:18:40 AM
No referring link
10th August 2007 - 09:23:35 AM
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10th August 2007 - 09:39:38 AM
10th August 2007 - 09:41:27 AM
10th August 2007 - 09:42:50 AM
10th August 2007 - 09:45:23 AM
10th August 2007 - 09:49:12 AM

OrgName: Allstate Insurance Company, OrgID: ALLSTA
Address: 3075 Sanders Road,
City: Northbrook StateProv: IL
PostalCode: 60062-7127, Country: US
NetRange: -
NetHandle: NET-167-127-0-0-1
Parent: NET-167-0-0-0-0

"In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you." — Warren Buffet, American financier (b. 1930)

Ethical Conflict: When two ethical principles demand opposite results in the same situation, this is an ethical conflict. Solving ethical conflicts may require establishing a hierarchy or priority of ethical principles, or examining the situation through another ethical system.

In the final analysis, madisonmutt can assuage her conscience by claiming she did the right thing, but where were her professional ethics when she spent a month encouraging posters to file a complaint against Loretta? By her own admission, madisonmutt concurred that she wouldn’t have given it a second thought if it hadn’t been for the blog war. And when nobody took the bait, madisonmutt decided to paddle her own canoe crossing the line into Loretta’s real life seven months after the fact. I see no justification for madisonmutt’s actions, which were clearly motivated by malice and spite in my opinion.

When Loretta published a photo of my personal residence that had been unlawfully lifted from a company site, I contacted my local tax assessor. I was informed that municipal employees are not allowed to visit blogs during working hours. The tax assessor volunteered to visit the site from her home in order to confirm the purloined photo was published without authorization. Not only did she perform that service, she authorized a "notice of infringement" to, and had the photo removed from the site that stores the data under contract from her office. That is a shining example of professional work ethics, a prototype that madisonmutt fails to measure up to. IMO

Usenet: OneOfAKindBitch – 1/1/06 @ 11:15 am
Posting personal information about people or threatening to post personal information is not something that is going to make them go away. In fact it makes them mad. It makes them want to retaliate. It makes them protective of those around them, and as any good mother will tell you, it makes you come out with teeth bared and claws extended when the nest is threatened. And yet you "wonder" why people are so up in arms with you.

“I posted this at the other blog as well, but for those of you who don't read there... It would appear as though y'all have thing concerning Ms. F'tard well under control. I've been a passive observer for awhile now and seems that perhaps it's more than time to move on and leave anything concerning Loretta behind.... NO, not Loretta's behind - stop sniffing.I wish you all the best life has to offer. Those of you who feel the urge know how to reach me outside of the blogs. Just remember, keeping up the fight means keeping up the anger and there is far too much more to life than to waste it being angry with a total loser. We've done what we could and things will never change with her.Hugs to all of those whose acquaintances have been made and lives shared."
JAPOP 08.06.06 - 3:04 pm (TTT)

“Ya know, lots of you said it was wrong for Loretta, et al to do what she did to me simply because I post here. While there is a part of me that says "you reap what you sow" therefore anyone who posted crap against me deserves it -- It's wrong. Where does the line end? When Loretta put herself up as an expert, as an author, as a public figure (we can argue semantics later) that indeed opened her expertise, etc up for public comment. Oye vey! End it for crying out loud. Get rid of all the f'ing bash blogs. All of them. Forget the friggen negotiations. Take them down and let the stopserrano people do what they are doing. No one needs to keep this war up to do what can be accomplished based on her already demonstrated behaviors.”
madisonmutt | 10.07.06 - 6:10 pm

"Maybe Sam Bxxx Threatre would like to know the real Ronni and Jxx Pxxxx from Rxxxx Rxxx Texas?"
“And maybe that crosses the same line as calling Loretta's job. At least in my book. Folks gotta do what they feel they gotta do - no one can make those choices for them. But I believe that most people here would not think of crossing that line into real life.”
madisonmutt 11.03.06 - 9:08 am

"Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on."

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Tutoring

Haloscan Basics

1. The admin control panel of Haloscan lists the poster’s nic, the comments, the thread, three options to modify the message, and the poster’s IP.

2. There is no way of knowing how many admins are on at any given time through Haloscan. Admins do not punch a time clock or rotate shifts, they simply keep an eye on the board when online.

3. Haloscan does not record the IP of the person doing the editing unless the admin posts a comment relating to the edit.

4. Should a question arise, “Site Meter” offers an “out click” function which identifies the IP address of the admin who clicked onto the edited comment. However, as with most free stat reports, the data is temporary in that it is lost when the maximum number of records cause the data to purge.

5. Occasionally a person will post remarks thanking the admin for fixing the problem.

Query? If more than one admin repairs blockquotes on the same thread in close proximity, how would you determine which admin an appreciative poster is addressing?

AOL Basics

1. Typical AOL proxy server IP ranges: (* = wild card.)
152.163.100.*, 152.163.101.*, 205.188.116.*, 207.200.116.*, 64.12.116.*, 64.12.117.*

2. AOL Members' requests for internet objects are usually handled by the AOL Proxy system. When a member requests multiple documents for multiple URLs, each request may come from a different proxy server.

3. Wikipedia states that an AOL user cannot be uniquely identified as their IP address is shared with hundreds or thousands of other AOL users.

4. AOL users have the ability of posting comments under two different IP ranges as listed in #1, an outcome that is generated by the process described in #2.

5. Likewise it is not unusual for two different AOL users to post comments under an identical IP as listed in #1, an outcome which is generated by the process described in #2.

6. An AOL user can only be identified by the nic they use when posting.

7. Any person who normally posts with a distinguishable service provider that has access to an AOL account can post with an AOL IP address, utilizing the AOL account, and no one would be the wiser.

Punctuation Basics

Use quotation marks [ “ ” ] to set off material that represents quoted or spoken language. Quotation marks also set off the titles of things that do not normally stand by themselves: short stories, poems, and articles.

For instance, if someone posts a link to an article and introduces it with:

Meet "The family", Anne!

Pay particular attention to "The Family Tree" and get a clue, Anne!

Papillon 01.30.07 - 12:54 pm

Quotation marks were used correctly in identifying the main story and subsequent article associated with the newspaper edition.

The following sentence indicates the author is referring to a family, not an article.

"Hence, family will deal with it accordingly."

This particular proclamation refers to families in general and does not require quotation marks.

"Rock on Pound! Take no shit but family first! Just saying if you get a chance to check in, make sure our ladies are okay. In between breaking up the fights and taking care of your own homes of course." -Baby Girl 12.15.06 - 12:53 am

Language Basics

"Many studies have found evidence that people really do understand sentences as a collection of phrases. A sentence must have a noun phrase and a verb phrase. Sentences may also have object phrases that specify who did what to whom.

In order to determine where phrase boundaries lie, people must analyze each word for its meaning and its grammatical placement. The process of figuring out each word's role in a sentence's syntax is called parsing the sentence. We can use semantics, the meanings behind words, to help parse a sentence. People tend to parse sentences as they go along, requiring them to make educated guesses about the role each word plays in the sentence."


I reference the above because I am just now reading this patent nonsense at Usenet for the first time.

I reference = verb phrase, (material was cited)
the above = subject phrase, (points to location of the citation)
because = conjunction , (the part of speech that serves to connect words)
I am just now reading = verb phrase
this patent nonsense = noun phrase
at Usenet = object phrase
for the first time. = noun phrase

There are no garden-path errors in this sentence. The central point is unambiguous. A dialogue was referenced. The subsequent words, “the above” indicate where the illustration is cited. Each phrase in the sentence is structured around the specific quoted material leaving nothing to the imagination. Thus the words “this patent nonsense” refers to the specific citation, as does the rest of the sentence.

Parsing it out of reality is a fishing excursion. And it’s a strategy that most assuredly generates conjecture and faulty conclusions, a convenient device suitable for the likes of Mike Nifong.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another Visit from Google

Country: United States
Region: California
City: Mountain View
ISP: Google Inc
Returning Visits: 0
Visit Length: 1 second

31st July 2007 - 01:00:55 PM
No referring link

31st July 2007 - 01:00:56 PM
No referring link

Another visit from Google no doubt sponsored by the disgruntled Christina Hart aka Chrishina Hart aka Shina Hart aka Harts Wife. The same person who has been publishing my name and location on the WWW as a tabloid headline in duplicate and triplicate.

The same person who has spent three months propagating specious allegations about me. The same person who claims she has reported me to every conceivable Internet company including my service provider.

The same person who infringed on my son's copyright protected work, without authorization, just because he is related to me.

The same person who has utilized more blogs, email addresses, and Internet service providers than you can count. The same person who lost her privileges with Flicker and Slideshow due to her abuse of the terms of service. Namely infringement of copyrighted material.

Samantha Darling is no longer active on Flickr.

"No longer active" is a nice way of saying Samantha Darling was booted!

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." ~Albert Einstein

You have to wonder what goes through Shina Hart's mind. Did she think Google would remove material from this site that the company provides through its own search engine? Can anyone be that dense?

If the concept wasn't so pathetic it would be laughable!

Go figure!

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