Thursday, September 18, 2008

Breaking News: Rocky River, OH

I have been informed that Loretta Marie Serrano aka Loretta Dillon aka Lori Marie Serrano of Rocky River, Ohio, has ordered the following restrictions to bloggers.

"I am asking you to please remove the blogs over which you have control or remove references to my name in them. This has become a very serious issue with some very sensitive brokers in my business, and I cannot have this be a nuisance and impediment to my financial future and the well being of my children."

My sources confirm that Loretta Serrano flexed her muscles with a list of threats for noncompliance:

1) The Internet "Reputation" specialist blog destroyer solution.
2) The "defamation" lawsuit solution.
3) The "information" resurrection solution.

If you're as stumped as I am by this development, rest assured my resident analyst interprets it as, 'Until all my needs are met, your life will be hell!'

More details of this scintillating story can be found at:

The Truth Tree


Gone With the Wind

Stay tuned for updates.

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