Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nashville Traffic Report

29th June 2007 - 06:35:02 PM

29th June 2007 - 06:35:34 PM

29th June 2007 - 06:36:06 PM

29th June 2007 - 06:36:24 PM

29th June 2007 - 06:37:19 PM

29th June 2007 - 06:38:21 PM

29th June 2007 - 06:38:56 PM

29th June 2007 - 06:40:05 PM

29th June 2007 - 06:41:00 PM

Oh my! Somebody pitched a conniption. What an incredibly stupid thing to do!

Take two tent revivals with a dose of sausage gravy and call the doctor in the morning. Bless your heart!

Y’all come back, Shugah!

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of: "Shina Searching for Shina!"

From the spite blog Shina was fixated on:

"Main search engine: Gooooogle, of course.

Key Word analysis (search terms):
4. SHINA HART - Poor girl! This was Shina goooogling herself"

Some day Shina will find herself and wish she hadn't!
Roll eyes.

A more civilized visit from Nashville:

13th July 2007 - 01:09:39 AM

13th July 2007 - 01:11:39 AM

13th July 2007 - 01:15:06 AM

13th July 2007 - 01:16:29 AM

13th July 2007 - 01:17:27 AM

13th July 2007 - 01:17:56 AM

13th July 2007 - 01:18:45 AM

13th July 2007 01:19:41 AM

Cloaked visits from Nashville:

23rd July 2007 - 10:37:45 PM
No referring link

23rd July 2007 - 10:38:05 PM cfg=32/

23rd July 2007 - 10:38:41 PM cfg=32/http3A//

24th July 2007 - 11:41:40 PM cfg=32/

Nashville, TN Inc


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Unsung Heroes - Part 1

From Cincinnati.Com:

2 bodies recovered in lake

On Thursday, a couple from Idaho contacted by the Chippendale family arrived in Ohio to help with the search.

On Friday, underwater recovery experts Gene and Sandy Ralston dropped a line near the spot where the bodies were thought to be.

The couple's remote-operated vehicle, which is submersible, was to be used to remove the bodies from the lake's floor on Saturday, but it malfunctioned, Wisse said.

Two bodies, thought to be a father and son who disappeared on April 2 at Harsha Lake in East Fork State Park, were recovered Saturday.

A team of divers from Columbus pulled the bodies from the murky water at 11:48 a.m. and 12:25 p.m.

Family members of Charles E. Chippendale, 74, of Franklin and Scott E. Chippendale, 38, of Lebanon were on the scene Saturday for the recovery effort.
Sandy and Gene Ralston, a husband and wife team, search for drowning victims using state-of-the-art equipment. I know the Ralston's were instrumental in pinpointing the precise location of the father and son who were recovered in Harsha Lake through images that were sent to them.

While posters at "The Pound" were busy maligning reputations, making baseless accusations, and fictitiously posting under a "nic" he once used, Mr. Ralston was oblivious to it all since he was off doing what he does best... bringing closure to a distraught family by locating and assisting in the recovery of their loved ones.

A job well done, Team Ralston!

(Originally posted 6/13/07 @ 1:33 PM)


Sophisticated sonar helps solve drowning cases
Thursday, July 05, 2007
Theodore Decker

The southern Ohio lake had kept its secret for two months. Then a sonar image sent to a man 1,700 miles away shed light on the mystery.

"Hey, come look at this," Gene Ralston, 62, said to his wife, Sandy. "I think we’ve got ’em."

Ralston’s excitement centered on two irregularities in an otherwise unremarkable stretch of the bottom of East Fork Lake. The untrained eye might have overlooked the shapes or perhaps written them off as rocks or debris. But when it comes to finding drowning victims using side-scan sonar, the Ralstons of Idaho are as skilled as they come.

The Ralstons recovered their first drowning victim in 1983. They began using side-scan sonar about seven years ago and have recovered 50 bodies using the technology. The semi-retired couple spends more than half the year on the road, trying to bring closure to victims’ families. They ask only that their basic expenses be paid.

"Equipment is one thing, but knowing how to use it and interpret images is really the key," Ralston said. "The trick, I guess, is to use it enough so that you’re familiar with what a body is going to look like under all kinds of conditions."

Mark Enz, a friend of the Chippendales’, took five weeks off work during the search. He said the bodies would still be in the lake if not for the Ralstons. They joined the search at the family’s request.

"They were going to have a water grave," Enz said. "Gene’s a phenomenal dude. He’s the best, him and Sandy."
(Posted 7/8/07 @9:45 PM)

Update! From: WISCTV.COM

Out-Of-State Team Searching For Missing Boater Finds Drowning Victim

It wasn't exactly what they came to Wisconsin for, but the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit did help recover a missing body over the weekend. The group initially made the 1,500-mile journey to continue searching for a boater missing since 2005, WISC-TV reported.

Chris Dickinson and Darren Mellor were on Lake Mendota when they went missing in July 2005. Mellor's body surfaced weeks later, but Dickinson's body has never been found.

The Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit is a non-profit group that started in 1983. It consists of Gene and Sandy Ralston. The two employ hi-tech side-scan sonar techniques from their boat in recovery efforts.

This weekend's visit was supposed to continue the search for Dickinson, but when word spread that another drowning had occurred, the Dickinson's told the Ralston's to help another family in need.

On Sunday morning, the Ralston's efforts helped recover the body of Cory Walker, WISC-TV reported. Walker, a 26-year-old Madison resident, went missing Saturday night. The side scan sonar located his body in less than 15 hours.


For these searchers, 'it's something in our hearts'

The semi-retired environmental consultants came at the request of Bernice and Darrell Dickinson. Their son, Christopher Dickinson, 25, of Ridgeway, disappeared along with his friend Darren Mellor, 25, of Brooklyn, on July 31, 2005, while boating on Lake Mendota. Mellor turned up three months later, but Dickinson still has not been found.

This weekend, their mission was to find Dickinson, but with his family's permission, they interrupted the search Sunday to help the Dane County Sheriff's Office find Cory Walker, 26, who drowned while boating with friends Saturday.

Walker was the 50th victim the Ralstons have found since 2000, when they bought their side scan sonar system.

Sandy Ralston said families of drowning victims often contact them for help after law enforcement gives up searching for the body. She and her husband sleep in campgrounds and only accept enough payment to cover their travel expenses.

"We just don't think that the families should be burdened with that type of expense," Gene Ralston said. "It's something in our hearts that tells us it's something we should do."

Bernice Dickinson, Christopher's mother, said the family was anonymously given the Ralstons' contact information earlier this month.

"I got hold of them and I was so happy," she said. "They are wonderful, loving people.


Friday, June 15, 2007

A Visit from Google

At first I found it amusing that Google paid an impromptu visit to this site on June 11:

Country: United States
Region: California
City: Mountain View
ISP: Google Inc
Returning Visits: 0
Visit Length: 3 mins 12 secs

But then the following caught my eye:

11th June 2007 02:27:45 PM - No referring link:

11th June 2007 02:28:41 PM -

I couldn't figure out why Google would search for Shina on this site since the 6/18/06, 7/10/06, and 11/6/06 entries represent factual events according to Shina. But then I learned the following mandate had been posted at "The Pound":

"Please use the following link to report the abuse of Charlene V. of bloggers' hall of shame - -SayNo2Abuse 06.11.07 - 2:43 am

Apparently, Shina Hart not only has difficulty grasping the intracies of what violates Blogger's "TOS" policy, but her reading comprehension is as deficient as that of the following author:

"Okay Lola, you've had "your" say. Leave it at that and enjoy life away from The Pound. -BG Baby Girl 06.07.07 - 2:45 pm

I wonder what went through the Google rep's mind as he/she scanned entries in support of Shina's vociferous claims indicating Anne (Curi) from Brazil and Loretta Serrano were stalking the poor 'sweet' girl? I wonder if the rep followed through with a search of "Shina Hart" on the WWW and subsequently identified 'abuse' of Blogger's TOS:

"You agree to not use the Service to: (a) upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; (b) harm minors in any way; (c) impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, a Pyra official, forum leader, guide or host, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;"

Warning! The following contains offensive language!

- I have moved my url and changed my name in hopes to shake a few ...August 31,2006 17:41 GMTI have moved my url and changed my name in hopes to shake a few stalkers (Loretta Serrano), but they have proven they love me too much to leave me alone, poor fucktards. Thus making me a crazy fucktard stalker magnet~pah such is life

Loretta Serrano is Stalking me A- FUCKING-AIN! October 14,2006 04:42 GMT - To read more about the harassment I've suffered because of this crazed bitch click here Shina Hart Blog Loretta Serrano Dillon of Rocky River Ohio is stalking me again. Please don't go to her website or she will obtain your IP

Loretta Serrano is Stalking me A- FUCKING-AIN! October 14,2006 04:51 GMT - Loretta Serrano Dillon of Rocky River Ohio is stalking me again. Please don't go to her website or she will obtain your IP information and use it to contact or try to harm you. She is an un-hedged lunatic that needs to be hospitalized.

Loretta Serrano is Stalking me A- FUCKING-AIN! October 14,2006 04:51 GMT - She thinks by creating a blog using my name Shina Hart and posting half assed truths about me is going to have some ill effect on me. She wishes me harm people, she wants me dead, but you know what? People in hell want ice water but

Beware! Loretta Serrano Dillon is a Proven Cyber Stalking Psycho! October 14,2006 04:51 GMT - Ronni said... Shina, the anonymous comment that you say was not you was made from the same IP as the comment you "own." 7:22 AM, July 08, 2006 That's a bald face lie! I only commented once and I used my name.

- Beware! Loretta Serrano Dillon is a Proven Cyber Stalking Psycho! October 14,2006 04:51 GMT - The only person I took issue with is YOU Loretta Serrano Sick Bitch Dillon. Having a disagreement with antisocial bitch is not terrorizing her you drama queen! Beside if antisocial bitch has something to say to me, I'm sure she could

Interesting Emails October 14,2006 04:53 GMT - This is the last email Loretta Serrano Dillon sent me. Loretta is refering the entry I wrote on this blog titled My Long Side of the Story. From: Anne Curi Mailed-By: To:,

Interesting Emails October 14,2006 04:53 GMT - From: "Loretta S." To: "'Shina'" Subject: Blogspot - April blog Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 23:44:48 -0400 Hey Shina, You still have a blog on blogspot that bashes me: Maybe that should go poof too?

Proving Loretta Serrano Dillon is the Owner of Hate Blogs October 14,2006 04:53 GMT - Since I have decided to stand up to the cyber bully demon bitch Loretta Serrano Dillon I imagine it will only be a matter of hours before the tribute blog created to harass and stalk me will be back new and improved.

Proving Loretta Serrano Dillon is the Owner of Hate Blogs October 14,2006 04:53 GMT - Next lets look at the Shina Hart Blog Loretta Serrano Dillon created to bully, stalk and harass me using my real name (Shina Hart) that is currently empty as of July 8th 2006 Since Loretta Serrano Dillon claims she is not the owner of

Loretta Serrano Dillon is an EVIL BITCH! October 14,2006 04:56 GMT - I am not going to turn my son's entry into something evil that involves the most hateful demon that has ever walked the face of the earth Loretta Serrano Dillon. However her evil vomit will not be ignored nor will it be DELETED at her

Loretta Serrano Dillon is an EVIL BITCH! October 14,2006 04:56 GMT -
I imagine my hate blog that Loretta Serrano Dillon runs at will be back up and in business because you will see this as my "asking for it". But in truth I had left you alone and you as of today continue to

Loretta Serrano Loves to Hate Me! October 14,2006 04:57 GMT - These are the blog entries Loretta Serrano Dillon is creating using my legal name to harass, defame, libel and stalk me. Shina Hart - Sick Girl All you want to know about the cyber-behaviour of a chick with BPD.

Loretta Serrano you Sick Bitch! October 14,2006 05:55 GMT - Go back to your corner Ohh, baby, I should have listened to the people who said that I wasn't supposed to make deals with sick people like Shina Hart. More like I should have listen to my heart instead of reaching out to you from pity!

Loretta Serrano is a SICK BITCH! October 14,2006 06:03 GMT - The thing is that we, Shina and I, made a truce deal back in May, in which she would refrain writing spiteful things about my friend Loretta Serrano, stop posting lies about her and shutting down her Hate Blogs (all of them).

The Many Faces of Evil October 14,2006 06:42 GMT - This crazy bitch is old enough to be my MOTHER! Thank God she's not (her poor kids) but the fact of the matter is this bitch has children older than me and is a grandmother for Pete's sake! Yet she spends her days obessing over me and

Shina Hart Fights Back - Since Loretta Serrano Dillon claims she is not the owner of these hate blogs created to harass, bully and stalk, lets see how long it takes for the Shina Hart hate blog to come back to life! Watch with me Loretta Serrano Dillon's Hate Blog Created to Stalk and Libel Shina Hart if you like! - by beingshina in Shina Hart Fights Back

More Lies from the Fucktard Loretta Serrano Dillon October 14,2006 18:00 GMT - Uh hello I'm not the one recreating myself here Loretta Serrano Dillon Dillemuth Smith Tucker Smith or are you using the name Lori Smith now? The records of my family? That's funny, no really it is. Being as most of my family is either

Shina Hart
Hey Loretta what was that about a glass roof and shit? Yeah I thought so bitch. Choke on a Dick and Die Crack Whore.
-by beingshina in Shina Hart Fights Back

Shina Hart Fights Back - Shina Hart Fights Off Crazed Stalker Loretta Serrano Dillon of misfittingdotcom who refuses to stop harassing and stalking her and her family. This blog will be used to keep record of Loretta Serrano\'s threats, stalking and lies.

"Shina Hart" "Chrishina Hart" Shina Hart Fights Off Crazed Stalker ... October 15,2006 07:51 GMT - Loretta Serrano Dillon of misfittingdotcom and mermaidsingingdotcom who refuses to stop harassing and stalking her and her family. This blog "Shina Hart" "Chrishina Hart" will be used to keep record of Loretta D Serrano's threats,

Loretta Serrano Dillon - Internet Stalker, Self-Professed Troll ... October 18,2006 18:25 GMT - These words were written by "Loretta Serrano" aka "Loretta Dillon" at she tried to recreate herself as "Lori Smith" but that didn't work. Once a fucktard always a fucktard.

Shina Hart Fights Off Crazed Stalker Loretta Serrano October 27,2006 06:09 GMT - Shina Hart Fights Off Crazed Stalker Loretta D Serrano of misfittingdotcom and mermaidsingingdotcom who refuses to stop harassing and stalking her and her family. This blog will be used to keep record of Loretta Serrano\'s threats, stalking and lies.

Well isn't that Precious? - This blog will be used to keep record of Loretta Serrano's aka Retzq threats, stalking and lies ... Shina Hart Takes a Stand Against Stalker Loretta Serrano - 62k

Loretta D Serrano October 27,2006 06:25 GMT - Snippage from a post at the flame blog of lies Loretta D Serrano of mermaidsingingdotcom created to stalk and harass Shina Hart. PS – and about the Google searching you did – let’s be honest about it here: if you do the search on

HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE LORETTA? October 27,2006 13:40 GMT - She trolls my site all day and night Her motive is obsessed Her accusations full of lies And venom in excess But underneath her righteousness Emotional regress She even took her foolishness to Usenet. She claims I hurt her feelings

Darragh Lxxxxxxx / Mtnwmn October 30,2006 18:02 GMT - I don't even know who the hell you are much less give two shits if I have power over you or not, you've mistaken me for someone like Loretta Serrano. And before you accuse me of stalking you again YOU DARRAGH LINKED THAT PAGE on your

Vxxxxxxx Pxxxx You Ass Lickin Skank! October 30,2006 18:12 GMT - I found a link via a blog called The Pound that shows you the owner of a blog named Jane Truth. When I saw that name Jane Truth it was like having deja vu. Still I couldn't place where I had seen that name before, then it dawned on me!

Vxxxxxxx Pxxxx - The Old Nasty Hag of the Internet November 03,2006 09:55 GMT - Well fuck you Vxxxxxxx Pxxxx/Jane Truth and Loretta Serrano/Truth Teller! Read this from one of your own Vero and Loretta. Deege said... You know, I learned something from those mutts! I learned that reading a blog makes you a stalker!

Loretta D Serrano / Hagatha / Cyber Stalking Queef November 05,2006 04:55 GMT - Jane Truth/Truth Teller/ Rxxxx Pxxxx said..... Send me an e-mail (you have my addy, but to remind you: annecuri at gmail dot com) with your phone #, and I will call you. Long Distance. Caller ID and Brazilian accent and all.

Loretta Serrano / Hagatha / Cyber Stalking Queef / Delusional Liar November 05,2006 23:13 GMT - loretta said... I now have two blogs where as I only had one She is either delusional or a liar. Mabye a little of both. She has at least 5 blogs. One of them is the "Cyberstalking" one about me, another one is the "Stop Serrano",

Truth Teller / Loretta Serrano / Loretta Dillon/ all the same November 06,2006 00:49 GMT - Truth Teller said... Vero, looks like the Nut Shina doesn't want to stop this thing. I offered to call her to explain and prove that you had nothing to do with Hypocritical Mutts. But she is a coward. I can give her my phone number too,

Loretta D Serrano / Foolish Old Hag November 06,2006 01:22 GMT - Oh, and not to forget the "Where in the Hell is Lowdoo" blob that Shina takes credit for. samanthaheart.blogspot (defunct)

Counting down the Minutes! November 06,2006 01:36 GMT - loretta said... Oh, I almost forgot the infamous blobs Shina published with the title that I'ma "sick bitch" or "a cyber stalker" or "crack ho" or "abuser" and all manner of false and stupid names. How old is she?

I'm the Coolest of the Cool! November 06,2006 01:56 GMT - loretta said... Let's look at the score card: How many blogs has Shina created to bash me? 10? 15? How many blogs have I created to bash Shina? 0 nada zero zip Now, the Personality Blog with her name on it that Anne published and

Well that's not very Nice Ms. Ronni November 06,2006 10:02 GMT - Truth Teller aka Loretta Serrano said... OK. Now I have to go (almost 12AM here). Shina has till tomorrow to give me her new phone # (yes, Shina, I don't have it - you keep changing phone #s at the same speed of having new URLs).

Excused Absence? November 12,2006 08:23 GMT - Truth Teller said... I did talk to someone on the phone. As for Shina, poor girl. Looks like her maniac phase is over. Depression phase. I think I could like her too. How can I if she can't recognize my existence? 10:12 AM

How Rude! November 18,2006 05:31 GMT - Hey Lowdown you just deleted hyp mutts today, don't act like it's been down for days. Also I have a life and just got online and saw your typical lowdown bitch comment. And next time you could ask me nicely you hateful hussy.

Shina Hart Takes a Stand Against Stalker Loretta Serrano November 19,2006 17:11 GMT - I can't believe it but for once I agree with Loretta D Serrano :gasp:. The witch does cause more negativity on the Internet just as she pointed out in her last comment to me via the flame blog she created to harass and stalk me.

Shina Hart February 15,2007 03:34 GMT
For the record isn't anything like what Loretta Serrano claims.

Shina Hart Good Girl February 15,2007 03:33 GMT
Isn't she sweet!


I wonder what Google reps discuss at the water cooler?

It’s interesting to note that Shina’s boisterous conflict with Loretta Serrano kicked into high gear AFTER Shina betrayed her friends. What's more riveting is the fact that Ms. Hart’s ‘tribute blog’ continued to be locked up tight as the shrew generated digital baggage by habitually documenting her boorish, chronic grievances with Loretta around the WWW. All the while twelve other ‘spite blogs’ created by the misfitting team remained active.

Something to think about.

And if google searched images, they'd find the following:

I wonder what this one is about?

K. Monaghan wrote:
2048 x 1536 - 490k - jpg

I love the view of the horse. Don't you?

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Attention: Francesca aka Baby Girl!

On June 9, 2007 at 5:10 AM a voice message was recorded from a person identifying herself as Francesca. The call was placed from area code (828). The caller demanded a return call within 15 minutes. Any call made at such an unreasonable hour has no other purpose than to harass, abuse, and annoy residents at the address the call was made to.

Baby Girl aka Francesca, owner of: , you are hereby requested to STOP making unwanted phone calls to the private dwelling where the message was recorded. Any future phone calls to the referenced domicile will be reported to the “Unlawful Call Center” at 1-877-TRACE4U. Call Trace will provide essential information to authorities if an investigation is required.

This nonsense stops NOW, Francesca Franzese!

Consider yourself notified.


When someone inserts the "F" word eighteen times in an email and ends the correspondence with:

Subject: Re: I'm surprised
Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 1:45:11 AM

Again, whatever...I'm done with you and your shit. Pass this around as your proof of my evilness and my lies and whatever you want to add to it. But don't contact me again.

It constitutes abuse when the person addressed did NOT make email contact again, yet a phone call was made to that person's home over a month later at 5:10 AM leaving instructions to return the call within fifteen minutes.

Obviously, the following comments were published for show:

"Okay Lola, you've had "your" say. Leave it at that and enjoy life away from The Pound. -BG Baby Girl 06.07.07 - 2:45 pm"

It's a shame "Baby Girl" couldn't "leave it at that".

I thought Francesca possessed a modicum of intelligence, but I was mistaken.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear for the benefit of those whose physical fitness program consists of jumping to conclusions and flying off the handle.

The recorded voice message categorically cannot be perceived as a "friendly" call considering the unreasonable hour, the insolent demeanor, the blaring voice, and the demanding context of the message. Rational people with good intent DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make calls to a landline phone and disturb the residents of a private household at that hour of the morning. Anyone who defends or approves of this behavior is as ignorant as the person that did it.


It appears Francesca doesn't comprehend English!

Voice mail #2 after being told in no uncertain terms to STOP calling!

6/19/07 @ 3:39 AM: "Ah would really like to work this out with you, but um, if you don't want to that's fine. Anyway, um, Ah don't know what's happening, Ah really don't. Um. If Ah can help y'all with whatever you've got going on let me know, but, um, Ah'm tired and Ah don't want this crap to continue..."

Hello? Francesca Franzese needs the clue phone, STAT!

N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-196. Using profane, indecent or threatening language to any person over telephone; annoying or harassing by repeated telephoning or making false statements over telephone. 1913. Amended 2000.

FACT: I participated in two 3-way conference calls with Francesca and Shina over FIVE months ago. Those calls were pre-approved, made at a decent hour, and Francesca did MOST of the talking. The sum and substance of one call was fundamentally disturbing.

FACT: My FINAL post at TP was "Attention: Francesca" on 6/9/07 and she KNOWS it!

FACT: I was away 6/16 & 6/17, and from 6/20 through 6/22. No computer and no cable. I WILL NOT have my family disturbed by harassing phone calls at unacceptable hours by an airhead who doesn't know when to quit! Particularly a person who describes herself as:

"I call myself a dingy, click-clacking, clumsy slut"!
-Francesca Franzese 5/1/07 @1:45 AM (email)

Enough is enough!

“Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.”
~Frank Leahy

FYI: There's a reputable company that performs a unique service by recording voice mails onto CD or cassette at a reasonable price. A copy of the recording is retained in their studios temporarily. They also enclose a very nice key ring with the package.

Is this a great country, or what?

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

National Internet Safety Month

110th Congress - 1st Session S. Res. 205

Designating June 2007 as ‘‘National Internet Safety Month’’

. Whereas there are more than 1,000,000,000 Internet users worldwide.

. Whereas, in the United States, 35,000,000 children in kindergarten through grade 12 have Internet access;

. Whereas approximately 80 percent of the children of the United States in grades 5 through 12 are online for at least 1 hour per week;

. Whereas approximately 41 percent of students in grades 5 through 12 do not share with their parents what they do on the Internet;

. Whereas approximately 24 percent of students in grades 5 through 12 have hidden their online activities from their parents;

. Whereas approximately 31 percent of the students in grades 5 through 12 have the skill to circumvent Internet filter software;

. Whereas 61 percent of the students admit to using the Internet unsafely or inappropriately;

. Whereas 20 percent of middle school and high school students have met face-to-face with someone they first met online;

. Whereas 23 percent of students know someone who has been bullied online;

. Whereas 56 percent of parents feel that online bullying of children is an issue that needs to be addressed;

. Whereas 47 percent of parents feel that their ability to monitor and shelter their children from inappropriate material on the Internet is limited; and

. Whereas 61 percent of parents want to be more personally involved with Internet safety:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate—

(1) Designates June 2007 as ‘‘National Internet Safety Month’’

(2) Recognizes that National Internet Safety Month provides the citizens of the United States with an opportunity to learn more about— (A) the dangers of the Internet; and (B) the importance of being safe and responsible online;

(3) Commends and recognizes national and community organizations for— (A) promoting awareness of the dangers of the Internet; and (B) providing information and training that develops critical thinking and decision making skills that are needed to use the Internet safely.

(4) Calls on Internet safety organizations, law enforcement, educators, community leaders, parents, and volunteers to increase their efforts to raise the level of awareness for the need for online safety in the United States.