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Bliss Maybe?

Shina Hart Takes a Stand Against Cyber Bullies, Abusers and Stalkers V
"4. July 18th 2007 Charlene Vxxxxxxxx uses Shina Hart's subdivision's name Rolling Acres in a lame attempt to intimidate her."

Thanks to Shina Hart for admitting she is Chrishina Leann Hart.
That’s all I needed!

Correction: Chrishina Leann Hart is married to Kenneth Michael Hart. Shina must be a “subdivision’s name”. Rolling eyes!

Continued from "Love and Marriage":

Usenet: Samantha (Chrishina Leann Hart) - 11/9/05 @ 4:07 pm
Loretta wrote: I will. I switched to heroin a long time ago. Didn't you get the memo? Sorry! Ahhh. Tonight when I chase the dragon the water will turn to cherry wine.

Leave it to the crack whore to make jokes about such things, pathetic.
Have you visited the Detroit bridge recently?

Usenet: Samantha (Chrishina Leann Hart)
11/11/05 @ 12:13 am
Loretta wrote: Too bad you'll never find us again. Too bad you will never be able to troll my blog or spam me again. We are having a great time without you!

The fact that NO ONE else can find you is the point crack head! Have a great time HIDDEN in the kitchen, nobody cares!

Usenet: Loretta – 11/11/05 @ 12:28 am
How many times do I have to tell you that it's HEROIN. We don't have crack in Pleasantville. Do you know what "Chase the Dragon" means? Look it up. If you are stuck on stupid, at least try for something like "blow." We can live with "blow." It was all the rage in the 80s and early 90s, albeit cut to nothingness if you didn't have a good source. If you mix powdered cocaine with powdered heroin, you get a whole 'nother ballgame, Sammy. Google it. At least get the drugs right. I know you are fixated on certain pieces of fiction and are in love with the word "crack" and derivations of it, but it would behoove you to get it right for once. If you're going to call me a junkie, at least make it interesting. Or at least TRY to get a fact straight for once in your life.

Usenet: Samantha (Chrishina Leann Hart)
11/11/05 @ 12:36 am
Loretta you're correct I know nothing about drugs because I have never done them. Or even associated with people who did. I am a clean troll with clean troll friends, jealous much? For once you figured out some truth about me. However, the fact remains you're a crack whore, who abuses her children.

28 Jun 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
Today started out hectic, but it mellowed out by the evening, thankfully. First, I went to my intake, and it went well. I already like the therapist they assigned me, she seems easy to talk to. And that's important in this situation ...
So Said Hart's Wife -

28 Jun 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
Yes, I do realize I change the blog design faster than my mood. And your point is? Have I mentioned I'm mental? Well I am. I spent the entire day doing as little as possible. I didn't plan it that way, but you know shit happens. ...
Hart's Wife -

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya.....
17 Jul 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
Tomorrow is my appointment with my new drug dealer, YAY! I get my much needed refills! Hopefully more powerful drugs while we're at it, crossing fingers. The drugs I take now well they're ok, but they don't work for anxiety, ...
Hart's Wife -

This and That....
18 Jul 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
Today I met with my new doctor, and she is just fab. She told me thoughts I have, but wouldn't admit to, and she made me cry. I know that sounds depressing, but it wasn't at all. For the first time since my diagnoses I feel as though ...
Hart's Wife -

Looking Up
27 Jul 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
Our central is fixed for the time being, yay! The ebay scammer had to pay us back the money he stole, yay! We've have half of the money we need before the end of the month, yay! And I may qualify for another type of disabilty, yay. ...
Hart's Wife -

I Need Drugs Now!
1 Aug 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
Last night was a bear! I couldn't sleep, read, watch TV or slow my morbid mind down. All I could do was yawn, pray for sleep and be miserable. I hate being bipolar, I really really hate being bipolar. I do not wish the hell upon anyone, ...
Hart's Wife -

I'm so *seepy*
4 Aug 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
I worked my arse today and now I'm almost too tired to blog anything. But I will give it my best shot. Today started with the usual grumpy morning bullshit between me and Mr. HW. I'm sorry but I don't understand his screwed logic ...
Hart's Wife -

What is Bipolar Disorder Really?
21 Aug 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
I was up till 5am this morning reading another woman's trials with Bipolar Disorder. After I read and absorbed her writing, I started questioning what Bipolar really is. At times I could relate to this woman, but most of the time not. ...
Hart's Wife -

I'ma Cheese Eater
September 02,2005 06:43 GMT (Chrishina Leann Hart)
I've not been blogging because I'm in a strange place right now. I haven't been doing a lot of anything really. What I wish I'd do is finish painting this house, paint our new front door, clean the yard. Start decorating for fall. ...

12 Sep 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
I'm sorry I've not updated lately. Thank you to those of you who emailed me and posted to let me know you were thinking of me. That always warms ones heart ya know. I'm starting to feel somewhat better, but I'm still really depressed ...
Hart's Wife -

Shina Hart
14 Feb 2007 by Chrishina (Leann Hart)
For the record isn't anything like
what Loretta Serrano claims.

Shina Hart -

Usenet: Samantha (Chrishina Leann Hart)
11-07-2005, 03:37 AM
Loretta (Serrano)wrote: Let me remind you, Samantha, that every threat you make is being documented for the police.

Fuck you and you reminding me about a damned thing you sick fucked in the head bitch! Call the police! Call the pope I no longer give a damn! Got that? You don't skeer me with your empty threats!

Loretta wrote: The police will be very impressed with my incredibly thorough documentation and links to your harassment. Be warned if this continues, you will be charged. Your little game needs to end now.

As they will be with your stalking and harassing of so many people! I may have trolled your bog as a joke, but I never fucking paid anyone for information about you! I never stalked you nor have I cared enough about you to do so, until now! You LowBitch have crossed the line. Like I said be ready for the hell that is about to come down on your head! Did you get that? Let me repeat it for you once more.......


Usenet: Samantha (Chrishina Leann Hart) - 11/11/05 @ 12:49 pm
Loretta wrote: It's only a matter of time before I post your name and location, Samantha. Any day, now.

Ok as long as you know it, LMAO! That was funny too, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE LAUGHS crack whore! Hell what's stopping you from doing it right now? Post away! Tell you what, I DARE you to post it! How's that? Are you a bad ass or are you a coward? Lets see........waiting.

At which point, Loretta Serrano proceeded to publicize the identities of various posters including their personal relationships, none of whom were Samantha (Chrishina Leann Hart). The reproductive cul-de-sac then jumped through hoops in analyzing the gestation period of one individual’s pregnancies in conjunction with that person’s marital status. YAWN!

I reference the above because I am just now reading this patent nonsense at Usenet for the first time. I’m embarrassed to admit that having minimal knowledge of Shina's previous posting history, I relied on the judgment of others in regard to Chrishina Leann Hart's character.

A lesson well learned.

"Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around and shouting that he has been robbed. Life is like an old-time rail journey - delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed." ~Jenkins Lloyd Jones

Lucky Shit That I Am
25 Jun 2005 by Hart's Wife (Chrishina Leann Hart)
Sis and I had another close call tonight. On our way back from Cenntennial's Emergency Room (more on that later) we ran into a road block. Since I was driving, and my license have been suspended for unpaid speeding tickets, ...
So Said Hart's Wife -

"Lucky shit" indeed!
Tennessee Driver Handbook - Driving Responsibility


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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Unsung Heroes - Part 2


Divers recover body of second camper missing at Harding Lake
By Amanda Bohman, Staff Writer
Published June 30, 2007

HARDING LAKE—Divers on Saturday recovered the body of one of the two people still missing from a Memorial Day weekend canoe accident at Harding Lake.

The divers, part of the volunteer search effort that had continued after the official search concluded,brought up the body of 19-year-old Travis Alexander of Fort Yukon hours after a sonar expert discovered the body 82 feet below the surface. Alaska State Troopers were overseeing the recovery and confirmed Alexander’s identity.

The discovery of Alexander’s body—though it wasn’t known which victim it was at the time—was made shortly after 1 p.m. by environmental consultant Gene Ralston, according to Ginger Placeres, a spokeswoman for Tanana Chiefs Conference, a nonprofit organization spearheading the search.

Ralston travels the country helping locate drowning victims using special sonar equipment.

Alexander’s body was located deeper and further out into the lake than where searchers had thought the drowning victims would be, Placeres said.

Garrigan’s relatives were in the boat with Ralston at the time of the discovery.

Update! From:

Third body pulled from Harding Lake
By Robinson Duffy, Staff Writer
Published July 3, 2007

Rescue teams at Harding Lake recovered the body of Kathy Garrigan earlier today. Hers was the last of three bodies to be pulled from the lake following a Memorial Day weekend canoe accident.

Sonar expert Gene Ralston located the body late this morning, according to Ginger Placeres, a spokeswoman for the Tanana Chiefs Conference, which has been the leading force behind the volunteer search effort. Divers pulled Garrigan’s body out of the lake at around noon. Alaska State Troopers were heading to the scene to identify the body.

Garrigan’s relatives were at the lake when the body was discovered.

Body of 3rd missing camper recovered
By Robinson Duffy
Published July 4, 2007

According to Ralston, Garrigan’s body had appeared on sonar images Saturday, the same day the body of 19-year-old Travis Alexander was recovered, but searchers didn’t immediately realize what they had found. Garrigan’s body was lying on the bottom of the lake in such a way that it didn’t look like bodies typically do, said Ralston, a sonar expert from Idaho.

“We knew it was something that wasn’t natural and didn’t belong there,” he said. “We thought it was debris on the bottom.”

Ralston was able to locate Alexander’s body on Saturday by using wind data and sophisticated computer simulation software that can predict where an object will drift once it’s put into a body of water. By using pictures downloaded from a digital camera retrieved from the lake after the accident, Ralston was able to estimate where the three campers were on the lake before their canoe capsized. Alexander’s body as well as the body of Liza Lomando, which was discovered shortly after the search began in May, and the trio’s canoe were all found near where the computer simulation said they would be.

“We knew she had to be somewhere close (to Alexander),” Ralston said of Garrigan.

Loss and recovery
By Editorial
Published July 4, 2007

The story of the Memorial Day weekend canoe accident and drownings of 19-year-old Travis Alexander of Fort Yukon, 20-year-old Liza Lomando of East Meadow, N.Y., and 24-year-old Kathy Garrigan of Oak Park, Ill., will long be remembered with sadness.

The Harding Lake accident involving the three young workers with the Tribal Civilian Community Corps, a branch of AmeriCorps affiliated with Tanana Chiefs Conference based in Nenana, led to days of mourning, heroism and reminders of Alaska’s cruel side.

The recovery of Mr. Alexander’s body on Sunday and Ms. Garrigan’s body on Tuesday brought bitter-sweet closure to a weeks-long ordeal for these families and many members of our community. Hearts and prayers from a wide area continue to be extended to the families who lost their loved ones.

If a bright spot can be pulled from the tragedy it comes with recognition of the many volunteers, an outpouring of community donations and the unwavering effort of those with hands on boat motors and ropes, directly involved with the search and recovery effort coordinated by TCC.

People donated gasoline, handed over their valuable watercraft to complete strangers and gave precious time to the search effort. We witnessed the work in progress.

Enduring the elements, based at a temporary camp on the lake shore, volunteers engaged in slow, laborious work, criss-crossing the lake, pulling ropes hand-over-hand hour after hour. They returned night after night to their camp, all the time hoping for recovery and closure with a new day to come.

The technology of sonar — also in service as a result of generosity and compassion from an out-of-state volunteer — ultimately proved its worth and brought the desired result. What stands out, however, is not the technology but the volunteers behind it who never gave up in a search that must have at times felt utterly hopeless.

In the midst of this drudgery the workers may not have felt it, but their efforts were no less than heroic and our community owes them thanks.
Tanana Chiefs Conference has been coordinating the volunteer search & rescue, and recovery effort for the three missing TCCC members. The arduous process has been documented here:

God bless the families of the victims and the numerous volunteers who participated in the search efforts.

Outstanding work, Gene & Sandy Ralston!

Godspeed! Have a safe trip home!